The Totally Insane Card Game is fast moving and outrageous fun, for 4 to 12 players ages 8 to adult.
When playing UNO®, have you ever just wanted to give your hand to another player and take theirs? Well you can with Totally Insane. Have you ever wished that Draw 4 was given to your neighbor not you? Well, with Totally Insane, you can. Icy Skip the Draw 4 to your neighbor, or add another Draw 4 and make your neighbor draw 8. Have you ever wished you could play 3 cards at once? With Totally Insane you can.
Player Reviews

"Please rush me (3) decks of Totally Insane... My neighbors are driving me nuts... They keep coming over, eating and drinking all my food, and demanding to play Totally Insane... One game lasted until 5 AM!!!
Best regards,
Pasadena, MD

"EXTREMELY addicting, insanely twisted version of UNO®. Many extra word cards that will leave you close to the rules. However, this is probably THE most enjoyable card game I have played with friends. Wonderful twists and turns never leave us board."

"Totally Insane is the funnest most creative game we've ever played"

"Playing Totally Insane is like UNO® on steroids"

"Totally Insane is so fun, it is addictive"

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Any games ordered between February 15th and May 10th will not be shipped or available for pickup until May 11th. We appreciate your patience.

For local Salt Lake City orders and pick up, call 801-580-1637.


You will be charged $17.95 + $10.50 shipping & handling for one deck and $17.95 + $5.25 for each additional deck.

If you need it shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, use the order form below and note that shipping for the first deck is $18.00 and $6.50 for each additional deck.

And finally, international customers should use the order form below and note that shipping for the first deck is $38.00 and $20.00 for each additional deck.

Quick Introduction to The Totally Insane Card Game™

Totally Insane plays "like" you would play UNO®, only with 27 action cards and lots of fun new twists. The game ends when a player reaches 500 points, lowest score wins.
The Totally Insane Card Game has numbered cards 0-10 and 27 actions cards such as Change Hands. If you do not like the cards in your hand, you think another player MAY have a better hand, play the Change Hands to the discard pile and change hands with him. Other examples of action cards are the Moving Cards. These cards when played, will move the entire hand of all players either two players left or one player right. The Totally Insane Card Game includes Draw 2, Draw 4, and Take 2 cards that make the next player either Draw 2 or Draw 4 cards from the draw pile, or Take 2 cards from any player. Of course the draw cards add together so you might have to draw 6 or 8 cards. In Totally Insane, players could takecards from your hand, helping you get rid of your cards, while adding cards to their hand. The Totally Insane Card Game has a Totally Useless Card. This card is exactly what is says: totally useless. At no time can the Totally Useless Card be played to the discard pile. So what do you do with a card you can't play to the discard pile? Simple, you give it to another player so he can't play it either. (If you can't play it, you can't go out.) You can give it away with cards like the Change Hands, Moving Card, or a Forced Kindness. When you play a Forced Kindness to the discard pile, you give two cards from your hand to any player. You never know who will be picked on next. The Totally Insane Card Game boasts one Dead Card. Any time this card is played to the discard pile, the hand is over immediately. All players add the points of their cards, then deal the next hand. This is just a sample of the action cards and how they play.
The Totally Insane Card Game is designed to play in turn and out of turn (matching), so you must be alert or you may miss an opportunity to play a card.

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